“May Martial Law ba sa Sultan Kudarat? In true Marcosian fashion, the Sultan Kudarat local government vilified and threatened Lumad school teachers and volunteers, forcing them to close down their schools.

The burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani may be a big and calculated effort towards conditioning the public to glorify Marcos’s strongman tactics and to accept extrajudicial killings, torture, rural militarization and the suspension of the privilege of the wr

In commemoration of the Hacienda Luisita massacre, Gabriela Women's Party joins today's activities at the Azucarera Central Luisita the very spot where 7 martyrs of the peasant struggle where brutally slaughtered by the Cojuanco landlord family and its henchmen in the Armed Forces of th

Women’s partylist group Gabriela today joined children’s rights advocates and Makabayan solons in condemning the vilification and harassment of Lumad schools operated by the Center for Lumad Advocacy and Services (CLANS) in Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat.

9 November 2016 - Women’s partylist group Gabriela has expressed its condemnation of the Supreme Court Decision to allow the burial of the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani as a desecration of the people’s uprising at EDSA that led to Marcos’ ouster in 1986.

8 November 2016 - Gabriela Women's Party today said President Rodrigo Duterte should stand firm against US military intervention and foil the holding of the PH-US Balikatan joint military exercises.

3 November 2016 - Gabriela Women’s Party came out in support of President Rodrigo Duterte’s disapproval of nuclear energy, and proposed instead a repeal of the Emergency Power Industry Reform Act to bring down power costs.

In time for the 33rd year of the National Filipino Women’s day of Protest, members of Gabriela Women’s Party trooped today to the US Embassy to once more call for the exit of US troops in the country and once more reverberate the call for an independent foreign policy.

Gabriela Women’s Party marched today with national minorities to the US embassy to once more assert the call for an end to US intervention and an end to all military agreements between the United States and the Philippines.

Gabriela Women’s Party today expressed its support for President Duterte’s thrust to end the exodus of Filipino workers as it joined Migrante International in launching the Justice for Irma movement, an alliance of migrant advocates seeking a resolution on the unjust death of overseas Filipino wo