"The Philippine government should uncompromisingly enforce custody over Smith and must follow the Supreme Court decision. Arroyo administration’s footdragging shows its servility to the US interests, putting our women to greater shame and danger.”

It's the lonely hearts day, a day before Valentine's Day, for Gabriela Women's Party and Profund when they conducted the nationally coordinated petition signing and pickets at offices of the Social Security System in major cities and provinces today to heighten the campaign to stop the use of th

His knack for anomalous contracts and transactions may put controversial Legacy Group founder and owner Celso delos Angeles on the grill for a longer time, for putting around 52,000 families on the brink of losing their homes.

“Now it is clear that the Filipino consumers will be the ones to bear the burden of reviving the BNPP. Certainly, this would bring more misery rather than benefit to the public because they are the ones made to pay the high price of this ultimately vague project.”

“The Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Constitutionality of the Visiting Forces Agreement bodes further peril and injustice to women, children and communities where joint military exercises are to be held. It is an affront to women and to the country’s sovereignty.”

“Enabling foreign citizens to acquire 100% land ownership in the Philippine soil thru charter change is a blatant infringement of the Constitutional safeguards upholding national economy and patrimony and of the Constitutional rights of the Filipino citizens.

Assistant Minority Leader and Gabriela Rep.

"This is an utter denial of the Filipino youths’ right to education as enshrined in the Philippine Constitution,” Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Luz Ilagan said condemning the Commission on Higher Education’s proposal to add an extra year to tertiary education.

"Social Security System Chief Romulo Neri is gambling away the hard-earned money of the SSS members by committing to invest P12.5B of its reserve funds.

“Aside from being a complete waste of people's money, the proposed mandatory drug testing for students and teachers could open up new ways for the corruption-ridden Department of Education to divert a major portion of its already small budget for 2009,” Gabriela Women's Party Luz Ilagan said on