Gabriela Women's Party today joined concerned citizens and representatives of women's and people's organizations as they filed a special petition for the Supreme Court to investigate the circumstances of the alleged execution of the sworn statement by Nicole on March 12, 2009 and the disclosure

“The US-RP Visiting Forces Agreement is the very blueprint of a warmonger that is the United States in the Philippines. The Arroyo administration is hell-bent in embracing this lopsided agreement, putting the lives of Filipino women and children in constant peril.”

Gabriela Women's Party-list Representative Luzviminda Ilagan called to stop putting the blame on Nicole with her recantation on the rape case against Daniel Smith who was convicted in December 2006, saying that Nicole-bashing could not conceal the loopholes of the Visiting Forces Agreement and t

MANILA, Philippines -- Women’s group Gabriela once again expressed sympathy to Subic rape victim Nicole, who recently recanted her statement that she was raped by a US marine.

“Malacañang’s pact with the US government reeks of renewed subservience, docility and sell-out to US interests by its so called ‘compromise pact’ on the custody of Daniel smith.

“Justice for the slain and raped Rebelyn Pitao should rank as top priority of the Arroyo government. Mrs. Arroyo should prove her sincerity in solving the case not only by merely initiating a probe but also by penalizing the perpetrators of this grave crime,” Gabriela Women's Party Rep.

Assistant Minority Leader and Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Liza Maza today denounced SSS Administrator Neri’s pronouncement that he can no longer grant much needed loans to SSS members who lost their jobs due to the global financial crisis.

Gabriela solon Luzviminda Ilagan today "condemned in the strongest possible terms the abduction, torture and extra-judicial killing of Rebelyn Pitao.”

“The condition of the Filipino women has gotten from bad to worse eight years after President Arroyo took over in Malacañang.