“Let us not forget the children. Children, especially those from the poorest communities are the most vulnerable victims in the proliferation of illegal drugs and even in the government campaign that seek to end it.”

20 September 2016 - “Women shall rise again and again for revolution, justice and peace. reaping victories and mobilizing more women in solidarity with people’s struggles worldwide.”

Thus said Gabriela Women's Party Representative Emmi De Jesus as the women’s group rallies once more with the global movement to rise against women’s oppression and exploitation as the One Billion Rising movement announces activities leading up to the global rising in February 2017 that links the struggle of women against the fight against global capitalist structures.

15 September 2016 - Gabriela Women's Party has filed House Resolution 351 directing the House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources to conduct an inquiry on the effects of the coal dust from commercial coal stockpiles on the environment and on the health and livelihood of the residents of Port Area, Vitas, Tondo, Manila.

Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Arlene Brosas today said the exit of US troops in the country will help the country tread the path of an independent foreign policy.

“We fully support President Duterte as he slowly but surely veers away from a policy of dependence and subjugation to US government interests. Clearly our ties with the US government has not brought about any good in terms of boosting our economy or even our military capabilities and the guarantee of national security.”

14 September 2016 - Gabriela Women’s Party filed for the fourth time a bill extending the allowed maternity leave from the current period of 60 days for normal deliveries and 78 days for caesarean section deliveries to as much as 120 days to make the Philippines compliant with the International Labor Organization Convention 183 on Maternity Protection.

13 September 2016 - Gabriela Women’s Party today joined the indignant chorus in asking President Rodrigo Duterte to clarify what transpired in conversations with Indonesian President Widodo with regard to the case of Mary Jane Veloso.

They also called for Philippine courts to expedite the resolution of cases filed against her traffickers in order to facilitate her release and eventual return to the Philippines.

Gabriela Women's Party Rep. Arlene Brosas said that the growing assertiveness of President Rodrigo Duterte in bringing up historical points of Philippine sovereignty issues before intergovernmental fora sets the tone for regional thrusts and policies independent of US interests.

Gabriela Women's Party Representative Arlene Brosas today hailed the return of thousands of Lumad evacuees to Lianga, Surigao del Sur as a major feat from the ceasefire brought about by the resumption of formal peace negotiations.

A three-day commemorative event which started yesterday marks the determination of Lumads to reclaim their ancestral lands from military occupation. The Lumad's return comes one year after military operations and the massacre of Lumad leaders and educators Emerito Samarca, Dionel Campos and Datu Juvello Sinzo.

1 September 2016 - During today's deliberations on the 2017 budget for the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the Gabriela Women's Party list commended Secretary Judy Taguiwalo's issuance of Memorandum Circular 9 to stop the influence of political patronage in assistance programs and projects of the government.