Gabriela Women’s Party is a sectoral party dedicated to promoting the rights and welfare of marginalized and under-represented Filipino women through participation in the country’s electoral system and organs of governance. It is a sectoral party composed of women 18 years and above, having varied occupations, education, interests, ethnic origin, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation. The Gabriela Women’s Party seeks to harness the potential, initiative, skills, and leadership of marginalized women towards empowerment, justice, and equality.

I. On Empowerment

Gabriela Women's Partylist Representatve Liza Largoza Maza will meet with migrant workers in Hong Kong to consult them on what actions to take to push the government to scrap the new POEA guidelines which she described as " pure and simple money making venture" at the expense of millions of Filipino domestic helpers around the globe.

MANILA, Philippines—Multisectoral groups are outraged by the passage in the House of Representatives of a resolution that could pave the way for Charter change (Cha-cha) and serve as a “prelude to an Arroyo dictatorship.”