“Break the chain of abuse. Pass the Anti-Child Pornography Bill.”

This was the statement of Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Luz Ilagan after a study conducted by Talikala Foundation, a group helping prostituted women in Davao, revealed that a large number of prostituted women were once victims of child pornography.

“The increase in the number of cases of child pornography in the Philippines and the number of Filipino children involved in sex trade are alarming. If we do not stop these now, what will happen to our children?”

The beleaugered administration of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyocontinues to pursue its scheme of perpetuating itself in power throughrenewed efforts to amend the 1987 Philippine Constitution. The spectreof Charter Change (ChaCha) has been said to be behind government movesto ink the Memorandum of Agreement between the government panel and theMoro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), thus spurring revival of debatesregarding resolutions and bills filed in the House of Representatives.

“There is no one else to blame for the beheading of Jenifer Bidoya butGMA. In favor of preparing an ostentatious welcome for current andfuture business partners in the Global Forum on Migration andDevelopment (GFMD), President Arroyo has further pushed aside thewelfare of Filipinos abroad,” said Gabriela Women's Party Rep. Luz Ilagan.

Bidoya was an overseas Filipino worker beheaded in Saudi Arabia lastOctober 14 after two years of serving detention for allegedly murderinga Saudi national.

Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Liza Largoza Maza today pushed for nationwide, transparent, public hearings on Charter Change, arguing that the conduct of simultaneous district-level consultations being proposed by the allies of the administration is prone to political manipulation.

“We want nothing less than the conduct of truthful, thorough, transparent public consultations on the issue of charter change.”

Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Liza Maza today called on Congress to stop yielding to Malacanang’s call for Charter Change. “Let us not allow Congress to become the wielder of the wedge that will divide our people further. This is the last thing our country needs.”

"Its all systems go for the Anti-Cha-cha movement. Charter change has consistently been rejected and it will be rejected once more." Thus said Gabriela Women's Party Representative Liza Maza as Malacanang announced that it's now "all systems go" for Charter Change.

"We have no doubts that the people's movement will once more thwart this devious plot. President Arroyo cannot hide behind the cloak of pushing for a federal-parliamentary form of government via Charter Change. Her intention of overstaying further in Malacanang is crystal clear," said Maza.

“Putting on the line the slaughter of communities, deviously invoking the Bangsamoro’s rightful claim to their homeland and the peace process in laying the carefully calculated plan for Charter Change cannot be anything but mass murder and outright treachery.”

Thus said Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Liza Maza in a press conference denouncing President Arroyo’s renewed bid for Charter Change via federalism.

Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Liza Maza today called for immediate price intervention from the Arroyo government with runaway inflation, now at 12.2%, hitting the poor hardest.

Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Liza Largoza Maza today said President Arroyo’s defense of the Value Added Tax at the State of the Nation Address is the biggest of all lies at yesterday’s 57-minute, tall-tale marathon.

“It is not true that 90% of the country’s VAT on power collection is being paid for by the rich and well to do,” said Maza, citing research conducted by the consumer group, POWER and statistics from the Department of Energy which reveals that:

"Nakakasuka na. What with lies as your staple and empty promises for dessert. President Arroyo's SONA is replete with fake economic gains and band-aid solutions to the worsening poverty.”

Thus said Gabriela Women's Party Representative Liza Maza who, in contrast to the glitter of gowns and jewelry, donned her faded maong jeans and rubber shoes on Congress’ red carpet, walking out of the Batasan after attending the morning session.