US Embassy dispersal a blatant violation of rights, a display of puppetry to US interests –Gabriela solons

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 14:43 -- gwp_prop

Gabriela Women’s Party strongly condemns the violent dispersal of Moro and indigenous peoples’ protest held at the US embassy this morning.

Initial reports say that over 30 protesters were reportedly injured as a police car ran over and fired teargas at them.

A number of protesters from varying indigenous tribes, including two girls from a Lumad tribe in Bukidnon and their supporters were also arrested.

The dispersal led by Manila Police District Col. Marcelino Pedrozo Jr. is a blatant violation of people’s right to assembly and expression of dissent. The violence that marred the dispersal is a demonstration of the police forces’ intolerance for dissent and a display of act that shows their puppetry to US government interests.

The protest action of the national minorities, coincides with the commemoration of Indigenous People’s Month and calls for an end to US military intervention and the plunder or resources and ancestral lands in the Philippines. #