Stop violence against women! #LabananAngAbuso on Nov.25 to start 16 days of activism against gender-based violence

Sun, 11/22/2015 - 14:17 -- gwp_prop

Filipinos are invited to join and support the Women’s Unity Walk and Caravan to mark the National Consciousness Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25th November in several direct actions and online activities.


Bike Ride to Raise Awareness about the campaign to end violence against women and children will be going around the Quezon Memorial Circle on November 25 at 6am. Contact Lean at 0949.6912209 for meetup details.


At the same time, Gabriela will be preparing for the Caravan from Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City. Assembly time is 6am and will leave for Park N’ Ride, in Lawton, Manila. Those who joined the Bike Ride can choose to join the caravan part of the way. From Park N’ Ride, there will be a short walk to the Bonifacio Shrine and a dance and music program will end the day’s activities.


You can also support the online campaign by posting, sharing and liking on Facebook and tweeting, retweeting, favoriting and Quoting on Twitter your messages, video testimonies, artwork photos and fansign photos. Please use the hashtag #LabananAngAbuso. You can start some tweeting now, but please make an effort to tweet as many tweets as you can on November 25th starting at midnight until the next 24 hours. You can search Twitter for the past #LabananAngAbuso content for reference.


The facebook event site is or you can search FB using this event name: Women Unity Walk, National Day of Consciousness Against Violence Against Women and Children. Please keep checking back to see if your home city chapter is organizing a local action.  


The origin of the observance of the IDEVAW can be traced in 1960 when the three Mirabal sisters in the Dominican Republic were brutally assassinated by the state forces because of their political activism. Since then, they were known as the “Unforgettable Butterflies.” Their courage to fight against the dictatorship served as an inspiration to social movements especially women’s movements elsewhere in the world. It has become a tradition to commemorate the lives of the Mirabal sisters every November 25th. Consequently, the clamour of social movements for justice and elimination of all forms of violence against women pushed the United Nations in 1999 to declare November 25 as the IDEVAW. November 25 to December 10 was then declared as the 16-day activism to eliminate violence against women. It served as days to raise awareness on all forms of VAW. 


Republic Act 10398 was drafted and pushed in Congress by Representatives Liza Maza and Luz Ilagan of the Gabriela Women’s Party, and finally passed into law in March 2013, declaring November 25 as National Consciousness Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children.


The annual commemoration of IDEVAW by Gabriela is important because despite continuing efforts to fight violence against women and children rape and violence are on the rise because of the succession of natural disaster and war-related calamities like in Leyte and Zamboanga.


Amid poverty, landlessness, unemployment exacerbated by the onslaught of  manmade disasters and climate change, the deprivation of basic social services, unsolved and worsening corruption and amid impunity and injustice, and the still pervasive view of women as commodities and objects of sex, women and children will remain vulnerable to violence.