Showing De Lima's alleged video will only serve to muddle investigation - Gabriela partylist

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 14:23 -- gwp_prop

29 September 2016 - The Gabriela Women's Party does not share the view to advance the proposals to present alleged intimate videos purportedly of Sen. Leila Delima before congressional hearings, explaining that it is unnecessary and violative of the rights of any person in any forum whether legal, inter-personal, social, professional or political.

"Showing of the alleged video muddles the issues central to the investigations into the links between government officials and the drug trade. Congressional hearings should focus its probe on the salient pieces of evidence that will point to the involvement of drug lords and government officials in the illegal drug trade with respect to existing laws." said Gabriela Rep. Emmi De Jesus

She quoted the policy declaration in Republic Act 9995 or Anti-Voyeurism Law which accords respect for human rights and penalizes acts that aim to annihilate any person's honor, dignity and integrity. It punishes, among others, the act of broadcasting, through any device, photos, videos or recordings of sexual acts or any similar activities of a person except for the purpose of suppressing or prosecuting the crime of photo or video voyeurism and upon court order.

"No man, woman or child, no matter how justified the case is presented for such proposals, deserve to be subjected to the prospect of one's private affairs exposed," De Jesus explained.