#REMEMBERLUISITA: Gabriela prods Duterte to reverse neoliberal agricultural policies, fastrack land reform

Wed, 11/16/2016 - 11:30 -- gwp_prop

In commemoration of the Hacienda Luisita massacre, Gabriela Women's Party joins today's activities at the Azucarera Central Luisita the very spot where 7 martyrs of the peasant struggle where brutally slaughtered by the Cojuanco landlord family and its henchmen in the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police.

“Nagpapatuloy at lumalakas ang panawagan ng kababaihan para sa lupa at hustisya at wala pang signipikanteng pagbabago sa byhay ng mga kababaihang magbubukid. The cries of Luisita farmers are the cries of women peasants all over the country. We call on the Duterte administration to fast track the distribution of hacienda lands and reverse all agricultural neoliberal policies. This will not only uplift the plight of peasants, this will also lay the groundwork for a strong and independent economy” said Gabriela Rep. Emmi De Jesus.

The Gabriela solon explained centuries-old feudal system of land ownership and management starves women of adequate incomes and food to maximize export of agricultural products for foreign markets. Neoliberal trade agreements and government policies are behind the maintenance of the cruel refusal by landowners not only in Hacienda Luisita but many large landholdings across the country, in order to maintain the lowest-cost production of sugar and other cash crops.

We demand the present administration of President Rodrigo Duterte to substantiate his oft-repeated calls for an independent foreign policy by cutting the control of landlords, compradors, multinational corporations and agrobusiness monopolies over our agriculture, declare a nationalist agrarian redistribution policy by enacting the Genuine Agrarian Reform Law, and reorient agriculture for food security and local industrialization.

In memory of the many martyrs of the massacres in Hacienda Luisita and many other peasant struggles since the US-Marcos dictatorship to the recent US-Aquino regime, poor rural women under Gabriela Women's Party call on the government to make those responsible for peasant massacres accountable before the law, and provide compensation for the peasant victims and their families.

Gabriela Women's Party vows that militant women’s movement will be relentless in its struggle for genuine land reform and will advance without let up the rights and entitlement of peasant women to land along with the rest of the sector and people of the world. #