Online sexual harassment of women in Anti-Marcos protests debases memory of women Martial Law martyrs, compels women to join November 25 protests

Tue, 11/22/2016 - 14:05 -- gwp_prop

“Hindi lamang ang mga babaeng nagpo-protesta ang nababastos. Pagyurak sa alaala ng maraming kababaihang martir at biktima ng Batas Militar ang nangyayaring pambabastos sa social media sa mga kabataang kababaihang naging bahagi ng pagtutol sa paglilibing sa dating diktador sa Libingan ng mga Bayani.”

Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Emmi De Jesus issued this statement today stating how she takes offense as a victim of illegal arrest, detention and torture during Martial Law, with the sexist bullying and attacks directed against young women who joined protests against Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

De Jesus said hundreds of women suffered sexual abuse of varying forms in torture chambers and military safe houses during Marcos’ Martial Law. “There are several accounts of how women were raped, molested and harassed as the Marcos dictatorship attempted to clamp down on protests and quell increasing women’s participation in the anti-fascist movement. It was at the height of protests in the early 1970s that the women’s group Makibaka was formed alongside the youth organization Kabataang Makabayan.”

Fellow Gabriela lawmaker, Arlene Brosas for her part said that the sexist online bullying only prods young women to up the ante of their participation in protests not just against Marcos’ burial but against repressive and fascist policies reminiscent of Marcos’ Martial Law.

“Just as the rape and abuse of women failed to stop the surge of protests against the Marcos dictatorship, the current sexist online bullying will not stop women from taking part in snowballing protests especially on Friday, November 25, the International Day of Action for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, when we honor the memory and struggle of Latina anti-dictatorship icons, the Mirabal sisters and the memory of women who fought against the Marcos dictatorship in our country.”

“On that day we will call on President Duterte not just to rethink and undo his decision to allow Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani but to stop all traces of Martial Law in his rule by putting an end to extra judicial killings, militarization, Oplan Bayanihan and the release of all political prisoners.”

Women’s groups led by Gabriela Alliance and Gabriela Women’s Party are set to hold a women’s unity march at the Quezon Memorial Circle to kick off protests on November 25 at 7:00AM before converging with protesters at the Luneta at 4:00 in the afternoon.#