Hands Off Activists! Gabriela joins calls to free detained activists, stop all out war

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 13:47 -- gwp_prop

Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Arlene Brosas today echoed calls to drop all charges and set free Bayan Metro Manila campaign officer Ferdinand Castillo as she visited him today in Camp Crame, Quezon City.

Brosas offered support to Castillo’s wife, Nona Andaya-Castillo, a known advocate for breastfeeding and women and children’s rights. Brosas also expressed concern for the health of Castillo who, according to his wife is on a strict diet after surviving bouts with gout, rheumatic heart disease, colon bleeding and two mild strokes.

“Castillo’s continued detention for trumped up charges of murder is a violation of rights. We express alarm and outrage at the AFP and the PNP’s renewed predilection at arresting civilians and activists following its declaration of an all-out war against armed revolutionaries.”

Brosas further said that the arrest of Castillo last February 12 in Caloocan came after the illegal arrest of JASIG-protected consultant Ariel Arbitrario of the NDFP as well as of activists and NGO workers including two women development workers.

Rogina Navarro Quilop of the Center for People’s Resources and Services last February 7 in Bacolod City and Sarah Abellon Alikes, board member of the Regional Development Center-Kattinulong Dagiti Umili Ti Amianan with two others last February 9 in Baguio City.

Karapatan alliance for human rights has so far documented 19 cases of illegal arrests since February 3, 2017.

“These arrests and the persecution of activists cannot continue and this prods us to further urge the Duterte administration to stop the declaration of an all-out war and continue with the peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front.” #