Gabriela solons protest Trump inauguration, debunk US neoliberal dictates

Mon, 01/23/2017 - 14:35 -- gwp_prop

Women’s partylist group Gabriela joined protests today at the US embassy in Manila to mark the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump. Filipino women reiterated their rejection of US-imposed neoliberal policies and military intervention in the country.

“Nag-iba man ang muka’t pangalan, pagsasamantala ang pang-aabuso pa rin ang kinakatawan. Donald Trump, just like Barack Obama, represents an exploitative, oppressive system that kills and terrorizes women and workers’ families all over the world. Today, as he begins to lead the US government, Filipino women, in various fronts-- from the parliaments, to the streets and the countrysides—will further persevere to resist US economic and military intervention.”

Thus said Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Emmi De Jesus, who with colleague Rep. Arlene Brosas led women in denouncing various attacks of US neoliberal policies on women, citing the deregulation of oil importation and power generation, massive privatization of social services, the constriction in labor flexibilization policies that all seek to preserve US multinational corporate interests in the region.

De Jesus, currently chairperson of the House of Representatives Committee on Poverty Alleviation, asserts that the decades-long adherence of government to neoliberal policies have resulted to wide-scale poverty.

“Massive private corporate incursion on the delivery of health and education services continues to deny women and their children of basic services. Corporate plantations lead the land grab in rural and indigenous communities that deprive tillers of land and livelihood. All these are neoliberal attacks spawned by the governments kowtowing of US dictates for over a century,” laments De Jesus.

Brosas for her part condemned the US government’s continued military presence in the country and pushed for the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement that allow unlimited basing and presence of US military personnel and war materiel in the country.

“We do not see any indication of Donald Trump redesigning the US pivot to Asia as China continues to emerge as a threat to US domination. It will be up to the Philippine government and the Filipino people to push for the abrogation of these agreements that violate our sovereignty and trample on our dignity as a nation.”#