Gabriela solons back Lopez in closure of destructive watershed mine deals

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 14:53 -- gwp_prop

Gabriela Women’s Party Representatives Emmi De Jesus and Arlene Brosas expressed today their support for Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez’ move to cancel mineral production sharing agreements located in watersheds all over the country.

“We express our support for Sec. Gina Lopez for this brave initiative to go against the interests of big mining businesses to preserve our watersheds. Over the years, several mining explorations and extractions have resulted to the abuse and destruction of our resources and abuse of our motherland,” said Gabriela Rep. Emmi De Jesus.

De Jesus said that the people’s access to clean and potable water are being placed in jeopardy with various mine operations in watersheds. “We have had tragic experiences of rivers and reservoirs being damaged and made toxic due to mine operations all over the country.”

Gabriela colleague Arlene Brosas for her part pushed for the repeal of the Mining Act of 1995 and pushed for the People’s Mining Bill or HB 2715 in Congress. She reiterated “The extraction of our country’s mineral resources must primarily serve and benefit our communities and not multinational corporations and big business interests. More importantly these should not result to the massive destruction of our land and communities.”

Brosas further said the people’s defense of their lands from environmental plunder have resulted to the deaths of tribal leaders and anti-mining activists with the previous administration allowing the deployment of troops to protect mining interests. “This move from Sec Gina Lopez gives much hope and boosts the morale of people struggling to preserve their and protect their lands from plunder.” #