Gabriela backs Du30 vs nuclear, wants Napocor renationalization

Thu, 11/03/2016 - 11:30 -- gwp_prop

3 November 2016 - Gabriela Women’s Party came out in support of President Rodrigo Duterte’s disapproval of nuclear energy, and proposed instead a repeal of the Emergency Power Industry Reform Act to bring down power costs.

“Lubhang mapanganib ang radioactive wastes na produkto ng nuclear energy sa kalusugan ng kababaihan at bata at walang katapusang gastos para sa pag-iimbak nito. Tandaan natin na malawak na lupaing sakahan at residensyal ang hindi na matirahan ng tao o hayop nang sumabog ang mga plantang nukleyar sa Chernobyl at Fukushima,” Gabriela Rep. Emmi De Jesus.

De Jesus added that the aim of providing affordable electricity for Filipino consumers can be met by reversing the privatization of state power assets that became profit-centered monopolies by private interests as mandated by the EPIRA law. By replacing EPIRA with a pro-consumer energy industry policy that restores the government’s power to operate, regulate, and upkeep generation and distribution assets, collusion among independent power producers and the privatized power grid will be broken and price manipulation that causes expensive electricity will be put in check.

"Major hydroelectric and geothermal assets that used to belong to the National Power Corporation should be renationalized, and future renewables should be state-owned to create a more stable power grid," the solon added.

For many years that Gabriela campaigned against EPIRA, the women’s sectoral partylist has filed many legislative measures in reducing power rates for poor consumers including congressional inquiries to open the books of the privatization deals and bills that would provide vat-exemptions on the poorest households.