Gabriela: ‘No-endo, no strike’ compromise totally unacceptable

Mon, 12/12/2016 - 18:13 -- gwp_prop

Partylist Gabriela Women’s Party on Monday (Dec. 12) expressed its strong opposition to the “no endo, no strike” compromise being mulled by the House Committee on Labor and Employment, saying the move is “totally unacceptable.”

The compromise deal to end the “endo” scheme or contractualization in exchange for a 10-year strike moratorium “is a gross distortion of rights being accorded by the Constitution to all Filipino workers,” according to GWP Rep. Emmi De Jesus.

“Why should regularizing workers be at the expense of their constitutional right to strike? Malinaw sa batas ang parehong pagkilala sa karapatang magwelga at karapatang maging regular ng mga manggagawa. Wala dapat kompromiso dito,” Rep. De Jesus said.

The deal was floated by the business sector during the public hearing of the House Committee on Labor and Employment in Baguio City last Friday, according to a report.

The lady lawmaker said contractual workers have long been denied of their right to strike and form or join unions as they are in short-term, flexible employment arrangements.

“Such compromise deal would send the wrong signal that the House of Representatives is willing to trade labor rights for the convenience of capitalists. We will definitely thwart this deal from materializing,” she added.

GWP has filed House Bill 1045 which bans labor contractualization and pushes for the regularization of all contractual workers to mother or principal enterprises. The group said contractualization makes women workers more vulnerable to exploitation and abuses.

The women’s partylist said it will seek a dialogue with committee chair Rep. Randolph Ting.