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Spokesperson, Gabriela Women’s Party Metro Manila

Second Nominee of Gabriela Women’s Party



Born to a family of government employees, Arlene Brosas was raised in an environment of public service and in a community of learning and activism having lived all her life inside the campus of the country’s premiere state university – the University of the Philippines Campus in Diliman, Quezon City.

She finished her elementary and secondary education at the UP Integrated School, and graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts - Philippine Studies at UP Diliman. A true-blooded Iskolar ng Bayan, she offered her services and wisdom to her Alma Mater right after graduation. She taught under the Humanities Division in UP Baguio and subsequently at the Department of Arts and Sciences in UP Manila. She also worked as a researcher in UP Diliman.

Arlene discovered her interest and passion for the welfare of fellow women and the young when she started to participate in children’s workshops and seminars. She left the academe and involved herself in advocacy work. She has been a sought-after speaker for trainings and seminars on early childhood care, child prostitution, child trafficking and child pornography. She also conducts psychosocial intervention for kids in calamity and other distressed areas. She has also provided trainings and orientation on women’s rights and welfare to mothers and women in several communities nationwide.

In 2007, she became the Executive Director of Akap sa Bata ng mga Guro Kalinga, a nationwide alliance of volunteer daycare teachers. She is also the Spokesperson of the Anti-Child Pornography Alliance which lobbied the passage of Republic Act 9775 or the Anti-Child Pornography Law. She also served as Secretary-General of Akap Bata. Arlene is currently the spokesperson and one of the conveners of Save Nena – a campaign to stop child prostitution.

Bearing a low-profile and soft spoken personality on the one hand, and a track record of consistency in advancing the welfare of the poor children and women in the country, Arlene is currently the Spokesperson of Gabriela Women’s Party - Metro Manila and the 2nd Nominee of Gabriela Parylist. Dalhin ang laban para sa karapatan at kagalingan ng mga bata sa Kongreso. Babae, bata, bayan, tuloy ang laban!